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The Folding Kayak Paddle

The Folding Kayak Paddle is a deluxe paddle designed to do everything you need. It is durable and hard wearing as well as being manufactured from lightweight coated aluminium making it easy to carry. This product is ideal for both beginners and more experienced kayakers. It is important that your paddle works for you, so this paddle can be folded in half for easy storage and has an adjustable length and blade positioning.

The Folding Kayak Paddle has two lengths, 218cm and 224cm meaning it is suitable for several users. In addition to this you can alter the blade angle to three different positions allowing the paddler to select the one best suited for their paddling style and the water conditions. Our range of paddles are designed to suit everyones needs including varied ability and budget.



Length - 218 - 224cm 
Folded Length - 127cm
Weight - 1.1kg 


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